BORIS EDELSTEIN (CH) assisted by Walid van Boetzelaer



Artists and scientists alike have always represented our world through patterns and colors. These are found in the majority of known civilisations, and provide an interface to history, identity, and culture. In our hyperconnected world, flows of people, colors and data are every day more present. This piece explores the three following elements: time, space, and light.


Colorflow is a triptych including LED and Microcomputer. It comprises three polymorphic and interconnected pictures,

positioned in such a way as to make a three-dimensional space. Real-time algorithms display colors while each panel

corresponds with the others as part of a network, slowly affecting the perception of the audience.


Based in Geneva, Boris Edelstein has been exploring the live video medium since the mid 90's and performing VJ sets for more than a decade. These experiences evolved into the conception and co-creation of the widely used, Modul8 software. Since its first release in 2005 Modul8 has become one of the leading VJ software packages for real time video performance, and it's popularity soared even more with the introduction of MadMapper - a software for video projection mapping also developed under Boris Edelstein's direction. He is also the co-founder of the Swiss based Mapping Festival.



Basé à Genève, Boris Edelstein explore le milieu de la vidéo en live depuis les années 90 et la performance VJ depuis plus d'une décennie. Ces expériences, en constante évolution, ont permis la conception et la co-création du logiciel Modul8. Depuis sa première version en 2005, Modul8 est devenu l'un des principaux logiciels de VJing pour des performances vidéo en temps réel et est largement utilisé. Modul8 est devenu encore plus célèbre après l'introduction de MadMapper (un logiciel de projection vidéo également développé par Boris Edelstein). Il est également le co-fondateur du Mapping Festival basé à Genève, en Suisse.