• Bam Festival
  • Bam Festival
  • Bam Festival
  • Bam Festival
  • Bam Festival
  • Bam Festival
  • 22 - 25 October - Liège — Manège Fonck
  • Bam Festival International digital art festival Digital Playground

• Time : 10am – 5pm
• Price : 130€
• Languages : FR – EN
• Registration : workshopbamfestival@gmail.com

Video PROduction for VJ’ing


You will lern how to prepare professional video content for VJ’ing, using light equipment, cameras, working with models/dancers, preparing footage for the VJ show, and how to use vj software: Modul8.

After 3 days of intensive work in the studio you have chance to perform with your own created video footage during one of the parties @ BAM Festival


Day1:  workshop:

Days2: video production

Days 3 : for postproduction and vj software teaching


+ presentation @ BAM



Emilia Gumańska ( VJ EMIKO) – polish visual artist, video producer, editor, photographer

Projects by VJ Emiko, connecting body motives and its movement with graphical analog elements in a rank of symbols, belong to the category of experimental video art. By expressing the emotional states of a human – the vessel, they create audiovisual show, which in connection with music enhances the inner feelings of the spectator.

VJ EMIKO’s visuals, created from a photo-movie like scenes, are filled with energy, movement, shape and dynamics of the actors. With a help of interesting and very characteristic for her means of expression, she creates pure and minimalist form, where the emotionally charged human body presented in a sensual, almost dreamlike manner across multiple spatial configurations, becomes the crucial element of the act.

During the process of creation she uses video, photos and animations based on her own video scenarios, styling, and hand-made elements of stage decoration. Paying great attention to the shape and form of visualized form, she uses characteristic spatial structures, solids and installations of her own design. The proposed visual message is not literal and unambiguous, it leaves the spectator with multi-level space for interpretation. Minimalist images of a powerful emotional saturation effectively control the feelings of the viewer.

VJ EMIKO presents an individual approach to Vj movement, and innovative projects corresponding to the global trends of video art. Extremely hypnotic and minimalist productions by VJ Emiko can be seen in the form of video projections, installations and mikroklips, at the club and festival spaces, art galleries or at the crucial, musical and audiovisual cultural events in Poland and abroad.





WEB: https://vimeo.com/vjemiko


Laetitia Bica
Né à Liège en 1981, vit à Bruxelles.

Laetitia a étudié la photographie à L’institut des Beaux Arts Saint-Luc
à Liège. En 2004, elle expose au Musée des Beaux-Arts de Santiago
(Chili). En 2007, elle reçoit le prix « Coup d’éclat » décerné
par la province de Liège.

Envisageant la photographie comme un processus dialogique, Laetitia Bica se distingue dans son travail par la place active laissée à ses modèles et l’originalité de ses compositions. Utilisant l’appareil photographique pour brouiller les frontières, la jeune artiste belge donne voix aux instincts pour produire des images dont chaque repli exprime un événement, une rencontre, une émulsion.
Proche de musiciens, de stylistes, de cinéastes et d’artistes, elle est la complice d’une nouvelle génération, caractérisée par son inventivité, son intégrité et ses envies d’exploration.
Inclusive et humaine, la vision de Laetitia Bica est stimulante et fédératrice, évitant les conflits pour souligner l’harmonie.

Laetitia Bica
Laetitia Bica is born in 1981 in Liège and lives in Brussels.

She studied photography at the « Institut des Beaux Arts Saint-Luc » in Liège.
In 2004 she exposed to the biennale of photography at « the Museo de Bellas Artes »
in Santiago of Chili. In 2007, she received the cultural award « Coup d’éclat »
by the Province of Liège.

Taking photography as a process of dialogue, the hallmark of Laetitia Bica’s work is the active
role that she assigns to her models and the originality of her compositions.
Using the camera to blur boundaries, the young artist vocalizes instincts to produce images
where every introspection reflects an event, an encounter, an emulsion.
Close to musicians, designers, filmmakers and artists, she is an accomplice of a new generation, characterised by its inventiveness, integrity and desire for exploration.
Inclusive and human, Laetitia Bica’s vision is stimulating and appealing, avoiding conflicts
to underscore harmony.

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