• Bam Festival
  • Bam Festival
  • Bam Festival
  • Bam Festival
  • Bam Festival
  • Bam Festival
  • 22 - 25 October - Liège — Manège Fonck
  • Bam Festival International digital art festival Digital Playground

AV Exciters – WINGS // Kinetic Sculpture from AVExciters on Vimeo.


AV Exciters is an agency composed of Architects and Designers specialized in digital prototyping and new technologies. At the border between real and virtual, it tends through the realization of micro-architectures and interactive installations to the advent of non-standard architecture.The group includes audiovisual as an architectural expression tool with the ability to reveal the quality of a place or a project.
AV Exciters develops light installations using led programming, as well as automated lighting , the agency implements minimalist devices in order to experience these tools outside of their usual theatrical uses. Light becomes structural and structuring in the genesis of a virtual architecture .
Specific site installation by AVExciters for BAM
Adapted version of Wings

The idea is to create an airborne sculpture of iridescent LEDs that pulses above the crowd.
The avian installation comes to life, flapping its LED appendages in smooth, rhythmic oscillations.
Wings is a flight , the one of the body and the mind. The senses are troubled . Architecture resonates , space is compressed, sculpted ,
taking the audience into a new experience.